Miko Worldwide is a YouTube travel vlogger who amassed over 30,000 subscribers by posting videos of him vlogging in notorious neighborhoods on the island of the Dominican Republic. Miko often posted live videos of himself in these neighborhoods interacting with locals while giving his subscribers a view of areas that are a stark contrast from the more popular spaces littered with tourists on the island. While Miko did not speak the native language, he was still able to communicate with locals who often enjoyed being featured in his vlogs. Despite these neighborhoods being viewed as dangerous, the people in those neighborhoods always appeared warm and welcoming to Miko in his videos.

Miko would often go live in these neighborhoods which kept his faithful subscribers on edge, praying they wouldn’t witness a popular YouTuber livestream his own murder. His content is quite entertaining and it’s extremely sad to see that such a promising talent will now be overshadowed by his sinister past.

Michael Wolfgang Nichol better known as Miko Worldwide was arrested in Medellin, Colombia on charges from an incident that occurred back in 2018 in in the state of Georgia where Miko was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated sodomy of a minor. According to reports, Miko provided drugs to a minor under 10 years old, sexually abused him, and left him tied to his feet and arms in the trunk of a car. It’s been reported that there was already a conviction for this and his arrest was ordered. Reports also state Miko has a history of sexually abusing minors. Back in 2012. Miko allegedly committed a sexual crime against another minor. It’s being questioned by authorities whether Miko used his social media presence as a façade to contact children and adolescents for sexual purposes.

Miko escaped from the United States and traveled around the world documenting his travels and uploading them to his YouTube channel which ultimately led to his capture.

Miko Worldwide was part of a community of male vloggers from the United States who live in the Dominican Republic. These male vloggers cover everything about the Dominican Republic from where to party, eat, live and find the sexiest sex workers on the island. Miko was associated with another vlogger in this same community. This vlogger and Miko did several collab videos. Somewhere in the mix, they parted ways. Miko ultimately began producing solo live videos in so called worst neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic causing his viewer and subscriber count to skyrocket. Many of Miko’s followers believe the other YouTuber was jealous of Miko and was clout chasing when he began posting videos on YouTube where he regularly spoke negatively about Miko and some of the questionable activities he witness Miko engaged in. Miko’s fans dismissed his allegations and now many of these same allegations appear to have some truth.

In a video the vlogger is being interviewed by a podcast where he begins to allude to Miko allegedly paying for sex with a Dominican male who is featured in Miko’s vlogs before it came to light that the Dominican male allegedly robbed Miko of money, electronics, and other personal belongings after spending the night with Miko at his home. The vlogger also alleged in vidoes that Miko was in the Dominican Republic to do what “European” men usually go there to do, alluding to Miko allegedly scouting underage sex workers to have intimate encounters with.

This is such a sad story and a blow to the travel vlogging community where many are now questioning the activities that occur behind the camera. Many question if these travel vloggers are exploiting some of these countries and its people for social media likes and YouTube views. It also opens up the conversation about travel to countries where sex work is decriminalized.

As much as Miko Worldwide is loved by his fans, we must keep his victims in our thoughts and prayers. These were minors who will forever have to live with being violated at an extremely young age. Miko is being deported back to the United States to face the law.

Junkies, let me know in the comment section below if you have watched any of Miko Worldwide’s videos. Also let me know if you are familiar with the YouTube vlogger who has been trying to expose Miko Worldwide and how you feel about his allegations. Do you believe him or was he clout chasing? How should our criminal justice system handle Miko in this matter? Share your thoughts. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, hit the like button and the notification bell to stay updated when I post new and interesting content. Thank you for watching, safe travels!!!!

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  1. Blackklash000
    February 10, 2021 at 7:45 PM #

    I don’t know I just started watching he definitely doesn’t seem like the type of guy but it could all be a front he seem pretty scared in the Dominican Republic but there’s a lot of people who are afraid n not thug and molest young boys I don’t know about this one… everybody has a vice drugs money expensive things men women boys little girls who knows until you know a person

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