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While I believe that all men do not cheat, I also believe that all women are not faithful.  Yes, some women cheat!

Some women are no different from what is believed of most men, they cheat!  While I believe all men do not cheat, I also believe all women are not faithful.  Yes! some women cheat, including the sweetest church girl who’s been married to the same guy she’s been dating since freshman year of high school.  No matter the reason, some women cheat.  Below are 9 reasons why women cheat.

  1. She felt like cheating.
  2. Cheating makes her feel better about herself.  It gives her an ego boost.
  3. Her partner became ill and could no longer sexually satisfy her. Or her partner’s illness was so burdensome on her life and her own mental health that she needed an outlet.
  4. She cheats out of revenge because she was cheated on by her partner.
  5. She needs attention after feeling neglected by a partner who travels too much, works too much, or spends too much time away from home.
  6. She became bored in her relationship and needed some change and excitement.
  7. Her partner did not emotionally satisfy her.  She felt a disconnect.
  8. She was not being sexually satisfied by her partner.  Sex became monotonous.
  9. She’s been with the same guy since a young age and wants to know what it’s like to be with someone else.

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