Travel Trouble in Paradise


It's like they conjure the strength of their African ancestors for empowerment.  I am constantly inspired by their fortitude.  


Devastation hit the Bahamas when a category 5 hurricane named Dorian lingered over the islands.  According to CNN,  At least 43 people were killed when the hurricane hit earlier this week.  The death toll is expected to rise as 70,000 residents  were left homeless after hurricane Dorian belted the island with great fury.

As many of you know, I am an avid island traveler.  If I’m not on the East Coast doing local travel, I’m usually relaxing on a beach somewhere on one of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

I had an amazing time when I visited Freeport, Grand Bahama Island last year.    The locals are warm and welcoming.  I enjoyed one of the best fish tacos I ever had at Robinson’s Seafood Delight and swam in an absolutely beautiful infinity pool at the Grand Lucayan Resort.  Just walking distance from the resort is a little shopping area where you can pick-up souvenirs to take home to family and friends.

I hope that in the rebuilding process, the places I referenced above will resurrect,  standing stronger than ever!  According to reports, Grand Lucayan Resort is being sold to a joint venture which includes Royal Caribbean International and Mexico’s ITM group.  Once the resort re-opens, I strongly suggest you book with them.


When we visited Freeport last year, they were still feeling the effects of hurricane(s) that badly damaged the island around this same time in 2017.  One thing that warms my heart is knowing how resilient island people are.  They face these hurricanes regularly, maybe not to the current magnitude, but these hurricanes weak or strong, are thoroughly felt.  Through every hurricane, the people of the Caribbean islands rise, they rebuild and they move forward.  It’s like the people conjure the strength of their African ancestors for empowerment.  I am constantly inspired by their fortitude.


If you are able to donate anything large or small to the recovery efforts taking place in the Bahamas, please do!  The Grand Bahama Port Authority has established the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation. Nassau, Bahamas is currently welcoming tourists so book a trip there to help boost the Bahamas economy that largely relies on tourism.

Please pray for the Bahamas.  Keep the people of the Bahamas who are effected by this recent hurricane in your thoughts and prayers.

Safe Travels xoxo


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