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Tired of the same boring look of that room in your home and don’t seem to know how to really spruce things up without actually having to spend major money? Here are some quick fix tips that can help you add life to that lifeless area in your home.

1. A fresh coat of paint will add life to those drab walls. Choose a color that suits your personality, but avoid using dark colors in small rooms. Brighter colors enhance a feeling of warmth and spaciousness. Be sure to contrast colors by choosing a paint color opposite of the color of your furnishing. Focusing on one solid tone can cause you to lose the room’s appeal.

2. Get rid of clutter and become more organized. It’s time to get rid of unused furniture, papers, clothes, etc… If you find items that are under used in your home, let it go. In the process, you’ll discover more space.

3. Choosing the perfect painting or photograph will indefinitely add flare to the look of the room. Don’t limit yourself to paintings; consider hanging objects you’ve acquired during travel like instruments, post cards, etc. A friend of mine hung record album covers on her walls. Creative use of certain pieces,open great conversation. The perfect frame can make your child’s finger painting look like the priceless work of art it truly is.

4. Crown Molding adds structure and architecture to the look of the room. It gives the room more character and adds depth.

Simplicity is key. Sometimes something as simple as furniture rearrangement can create a significant difference in the look and feel of the space. Organization is beneficial to you and the room’s flow. Above all, the room is a part of your home and you should make all the necessary arrangements towards making yourself feel at home.

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