Miss Metropolitan Junkie Miss MJ xoxo


1. Gently kiss the nape of your partner’s neck. Vertically run tip of tongue along neck.

2. Lick and softly suck your partner’s ear lobes. Run tip of tongue along ear. Breath deep sounds of passion into your partner’s ear.

3. Run your fingers down the natural line of your partner’s spine.

4. Gentle kisses and petite love bites to your partner’s buttocks will have your partner’s toes curl. A firm squeeze to your partner’s buttocks also works wonders. Ladies: with your hands cupping your partner’s buttocks, while he is on top of you, pushing your partner deep inside of you.
Men: soothingly stroke your partner’s buttocks and give a gentle slap. When the woman is on top, firmly, but easily grip your partner’s buttocks. With one hand on each cheek, carefully spreading the cheeks apart, softly push her down for deeper penetration.

5. Legs, Legs, Legs…gently stroke your partners legs and embellish each thigh with kisses.

6. Ladies can make deep humming sounds when performing oral as the vibrations add to the sensation.

7. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty …say something. Moan, Groan, show your partner that they are pleasing you, but be careful not to be over the top and excessive with the sounds.

8. Ladies, blow slow small bubbles with your spit when performing oral. Give your partner a quick sinful stare.

9. Show your partner that they are finger licking good. lick your fingers and show them that you enjoy every moment of them.

10. Men, cup your partner’s breast and very gently squeeze her breast, using the tip of the tongue, slowly lick your partner’s nipples and then quickly, then slow down again and then speed it up. Ladies, men enjoy getting their nipples sucked and licked as well. Don’t leave any part of the body for the imagination. If your partner is comfortable and consensual with your actions, feel free to explore.

Remember that confidence is key. When you feel good about yourself, your partner will sense that and will feed off of the energy you give off. The shy role can be a turn on, where appearing too experienced can be a turn off or a complete turn on. Apply your character to the mood. Be assertive when the mood is right and be as delicate as a feather when the mood calls for it. Ultimately, be yourself and enjoy every moment of passion.

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