Fashion and Beauty Self Urban Aristocrats


Sunglasses – Sunglasses are indispensable even at night. There is something intriguing about a person wearing sunglasses. There is a mystery that people want to discover. The eyes tell a story that people want to read and to shade the eyes, you are making yourself mysteriously interesting.

Cell Phone – Anyone and everyone has a cell phone. Invest in a cool phone with great features. When you pull your cell phone out, everyone will be watching.

Shoes – Look good from head to toe. I have a strong habit of looking at people’s shoes while seated on the train. It’s a good way to avoid awkward eye contact with others and it also gives me a sense of people’s style. Shoes add so much to a look. Whether it’s satin stilettos or leather moccasins, your shoes will put you in a specific class, be sure it’s the top class.

Jewelry – Rappers invest thousands, millions of dollars in jewelry, it’s insane! Every woman should have a nice necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet. Every man should invest in a valuable watch.

Handbag – women/Briefcase – men. A women’s life is in her handbag. Why not invest in a quality bag to keep your life in order. I personally love handbags and I believe a woman should have a handbag to match her wardrobe. The problem with switching handbags and even jackets, is that things get lost in transition. Invest in a really good handbag/briefcase that can smoothly work through transitions.

A Shopping Bag from a High End Store – it’s not who you are, but where you shop. As shallow as it seems, a shopping bag from a high end store can be more fashionable than your own handbag. Shopping is associated with money because you need money to shop. A shopping bag from a high end store will not only give people the impression that you have a lot of money, but also show you prefer to spend your money on higher priced items. You can have 10 Wal-Mart bags, but nothing will be more impressive than one bag with Neiman Marcus written on it. It’s the crazy world we live in.

A Money Related Book – A good book is always a great accessory. Your choice of literature shows your interest and who isn’t attracted to money. Keep a good money related book on hand for your own personal knowledge and to attract people who share similar interest.

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