Love and Relationships


Have you noticed something different about your mate? Things aren’t the same and you are seriously wondering if something is going on. You tell yourself, no, this can’t be, but deep inside your gut feeling is telling you that your mate is playing the field. Here is a list of signs that may support your suspicions. Although these are signs that your mate may be cheating, there may also be underlying issues other than infidelity that exist in your relationship. Before you decide to break things off with your mate over a suspicion, be patient and wait for proof.

1. Working a lot of overtime

2. Hiding the home and/or cell phone bills

3. No longer interested in sex

4. Wants to try new sexual techniques and/or becomes more or less sexually aggressive

5. Becomes increasingly withdrawn or overly supportive

6. Doesn’t come home or constantly runs excessively late

7. Spends a lot of time in chat rooms online

8. Takes a shower before they leave home and then takes another shower when they
return home

9. Their appearance suddenly changes. Their buying new clothes and taking a greater
interest in their personal appearance. Beware of the flannel underwear wearer who
begins to invest in lace or satin undies

10. If your mate is spending money, but you not seeing any of the purchases

11. Talks low on the phone when you are not in the room and when you enter the room
stops speaking or ends conversation

12. Suddenly accuses you of odd behavior to cover-up their own

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