Life is so unpredictable. You could be celebrating a new life on Tuesday and grieving over the loss of a life on Friday. It’s the balance of life that we have to face each day. If only we could experience joy all of our lives, but life was created in a way where sadness is inevitable. At some point, we must face tragedy before triumph. The question is how do you pull through a hard time, and turn it into something positive? Believe it or not, good can come out of the worst situations. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, being terminated from a job, or even the end of a long-term relationship, dealing with these situations can be extremely difficult, but life continues on; nonetheless.

How does one find peace in the midst of sadness?

Follow these four steps towards making the perfect cup of lemonade


1. Grieve – It’s quite o.k. for someone to feel saddened by a loss or a specific hardship. It’s natural to mourn a loss. A mourning period is a time to reflect on what was. Almost paying respect to an individual and/or a situation. It’s in that moment where we question so many things. What happened? How could this happen? Why did this happen? Why me? Your mind will take you through a roller coaster ride of thoughts that will be dizzying and impairing. Allow yourself to go through this, but you must also allow yourself to let go.


2. Let Go – you must allow yourself to let go. Sometimes we feel like, especially with death, if we weren’t sad for a long enough time, it means that we didn’t care about the person. In death, letting go doesn’t mean forgetting about the person, but letting go of the mourning period. It’s easier said because everyone mourns differently, but when you sit around grieving and putting yourself through suffering; it really doesn’t help the situation. It doesn’t change what already is. When facing any kind of loss, you must be able to pull yourself together and awaken yourself.


4. Awaken Yourself – Look deep into your core and find what makes you strong. During a time of loss, you can find out so many things about yourself and that around you. Sometimes we face hard times because we are moving too fast and we often need to slow down. We don’t realize what is going on around us. Facing a loss can be a humbling moment. It can also be a period where new opportunities arise. Old friends re-enter your life, better job opportunities may surface, torn families come together, and a new and better love may come into your life. Sometimes we focus so hard on the loss; we don’t realize what can be gained. Once you awaken yourself and discover the new joys in your life or those joys you may have neglected, look towards moving forward.


5. Move Forward – Picking up the pieces and moving forward is the final step towards making lemonade. It’s the point in your life where you bring all your losses and gains into one circle and piece everything together. At this point you understand that in order to be where you are now, you had to go through those things. It’s the moment when you are able to smile because you know that you have overcome your obstacles and you have the ability to value your rewards as you look forward to future benefits.

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