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Life gets better when you taste a Fairytale brownie.  An assortment of sprites, I’ve come to my last one; Espresso Nib.  My favorite flavor is Toffee Crunch.  The brownies just taste so right when you know eating one is just so wrong.  Almost like a sick prank, I found a box on my desk right after Christmas vacation.  It’s like the moment Carrie was at the dance and the bucket of pig’s blood was poured over her head…”They’re all gonna laugh at you!”  An Equity Partner’s idea of keeping his employees happy by giving them brownies as a holiday gift.  Yes, that is a sick prank!  Nonetheless, a very good one.  A pay raise is always good, but  in true Marie Antoinette fashion, “Let Them Eat Cake!” (Brownies in this case).  It’s like that commercial that pays people in gum, but at my office we get  Fairytale Brownies!  Don’t feel sorry for me because Fairtytale Brownies are delicious! 

I was tempted with a box of sweet, chocolaty brownies.  As expected, the brownies have interfered with my New Year’s resolution to lose weight.    I’ve been eating brownies since the 28th of December, 2010.  I must say “No!” to the brownie.  But it is just too hard to say “No!”  Nancy Reagan would be so disappointed in me as my inability to say “No!” goes against everything she fought so hard in the 80s to achieve.  O.k., so the brownie isn’t crack or dope, but it is addictive and I need a dear friend to contact A&E because Miss Metropolitan Junkie needs an intervention.  Well, not really.  I’m down to my last brownie, so I’ll be fine.

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