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All of this snow in New York City has me going mad.  Today the roads were covered with sheets of ice.  I can’t help but look forward to beach weather.  I’m excited to see what those British boys that sought refuge in the Bronx will be wearing Memorial Day Weekend.  Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer.  Sean Combs popularized the all white event.  New York City party promoters capitalized from the idea.  There is never a shortage of all white parties to attend in New York City.  Some promoters are strict.  Quickly turning partygoers away from the event because they’re wearing a drip of color.  All white means all white!  Not white and blue or black or red or pink or …. you get the picture. 

I’m with Kwesi watching Mumford & Sons’s The Cave video.  The band’s style in the video reminds me of  Kwesi.  He loves fashion and white girls with big breast.   He has European fashion magazines lining his coffee table.  Kwesi wears his pants perfectly cuffed.  Exposing his ankles while wearing a pair of  slip-ons.  It’s finally summer-time in New York City.  I’m at a football match in Mullaly Park.  Kwesi is sipping Alomo Bitters.   He gives pounds to the hip hop boys in the neighborhood.  They don’t like his style, but they respect his vibe.  The hip hop boys are rocking baggy jeans and white T-shirts.  They’re drinking nut crackers out of hot and cold cups covered with plastic lids.  NYPD is on a prowl.  They are prepared to approach anyone that looks suspicious.  The sign says “Welcome to the Bronx.”  But if you’re not from the Bronx, you probably will never feel welcomed. 

There are about 2 months of winter remaining.  I’m going to continue to sit back and prep for the best time summer in New York City has to offer.  I’m looking forward to the boat rides,  all white parties, and football matches with Kwesi. I plan to hang out uptown and ride the train downtown.  Sweet summer will allow me to enjoy warm weather and cold drinks.  I’m dreaming of summer, please don’t wake me.

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