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This is a trend that stands in a class of its own! We have been seeing lace for quite some time, but each time the taste of lace gets sweeter. Lace can make for an elegant frock or update a simple silhouette. This open- knit-weave is feminine; it’s chic; it’s sassy and not so far from demure. When you think of lace, don’t think of your grandmother’s bedroom curtains. Think of an updated, dainty spring 2011 trend. Turn it up! Keep your lace edgy. Pair it with a neutral palette. Wear it as a shoe accessory. It strongly compliments a pair of spiked heels. Mix and match your textures. Floral can be boring, but with lace, you are an eye catcher!

Stay oh so fabulously fashionable. Til next time 🙂

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