What's Hot in N.Y.C.


So I totally thought it was a beauty salon that played music and served drinks, but what I discovered was way cooler than my initial thought. Beauty Bar is a dive bar in the East Village. Its dark and dingy atmosphere, surprisingly, opened up an opportunity for me to go glam.

A daily special at the bar, you can get a manicure and martini for $10.00. I sipped on a Red-Head martini, while a red-head fashion designer/photographer/manicurist named Rachel did my nails. It wasn’t a full manicure that normally includes a hand soak or a hand massage, but the idea of getting my chipped polish removed for an ultra hot pink shade of nail lacquer while sipping a semi-strong martini at a dive bar is almost unimaginable.

Rachel popped her gum like a true glam diva while we chatted up about our side gigs. She had a bluntly cut bang that reached directly above her lashes. A braid crossed the top of her head. The hairstyle was hot and could grace the front page of a hair magazine. Rachel worked quickly and neatly. She was pleasant, but strong. She admired the way the shade of Zoya nail color “Lolly” complimented my skin-tone. Rachel is a cool girl and Beauty Bar is even cooler. Beauty Bar was the first of 5 Bars I hit  in 2 days over the weekend. It was a wonderful start to a comfortably wild weekend in the City. No high heel shoes or designer hand bags, just beer, shots, and wings. You can’t beat that!

Beauty Bar has locations across the United States, but there is no place like New York City. It is a place you must visit if you are in the East Village especially if you have a taste for a yummy martini and a glam mani. I would totally go back to Beauty Bar. Even if you aren’t into manicures or martinis, they have a fully stocked bar and a super rocking dance party that takes place on a nightly basis.

Beauty Bar NYC
231 E 14th St
New York, NY 10003

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