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1. Monetary Exchange Rate. The Bermuda dollar is equal to the US dollar in value so it wasn’t hard figuring out how much change I should get back after every dollar I spent.

2. The Beaches. We visited Horseshoe Bay which is a long stretch of beach in itself, but you will find other beaches along the sandy path. We followed a pathway to Jobson’s Cove which is like a natural swimming pool. Where the waters were rough on Horseshoe Bay, Jobson’s Cove had calmer waters that didn’t run too deep which made it great for my daughter and me who are both non-swimmers. Each beach boasts beautiful rock formations, not to mention pink sand and breathtakingly gorgeous shades of blue water. I also loved Shelly Bay, located in Hamilton Parish. Once again, with its calm, shallow waters, it was the perfect place for my daughter and me to enjoy. The beach was so serene and the waters looked like a bed of jewels sparkling in the sun.

3. Ginger Beer. Whether Goslings or Barritt’s, Bermuda Ginger Beer is delicious especially served over ice and garnished with a cherry. I enjoyed a glass everywhere I went on the island, but my favorite was at LITT, Lost in the Triangle Seafood Restaurant and Lounge. If you’re in Hamilton be sure to stop by LITT for their thirst quenching glass of Ginger Beer. They also serve delicious food and their music selection is perfect for those who love good tunes.

4. The People. New York is probably not the friendliest city so to have random strangers in a foreign place greet you as though they’ve known you for years is definitely a pleasant experience. The people of Bermuda are warm and very friendly. They are always excited to help. They will answer all of your questions without an attitude. They seem to have a laid back and relaxed approach towards life and that’s a great way to live.

5. I Felt Safe. Living in the Bronx, you know to lock the doors behind you, but we stayed at an Airbnb in Ingams Vale in Spanish point where our doors and windows were open during our entire stay. I don’t think Bermuda has a high crime rate and although you should take great precaution anywhere you go, Bermuda is one of the places I felt the safest visiting.

6. No Panhandlers. It felt so good visiting a place where no one is aggressively trying to sell me something on the beach or at the market. I respect that poverty often forces people to peddle goods, but while on vacation I don’t like being harassed into buying a beaded necklace with a shark tooth pendant. Besides one guy slowly driving by us to sell us sea shells, we did not encounter heavy soliciting which made for a very relaxing time away.

7. Fish Cake. The fish cake is probably Bermuda’s signature food along with wahoo bites. I didn’t try the wahoo bites, but I had two variations of the fish cake – one on a cinnamon raisin roll with tartar sauce at the Dock Yard’s Pastry Shop. The fish cake I had at CoCo Reef Resort definitely took the cake. The serving was too small to be called an entree, but the flavors are beyond magnificent! A fish cake on delicious crab bisque topped with a curry aioli. The Gods have spoken and the fish cake at CoCo Reef Resort’s Café Coco is truly a must have when visiting Bermuda.

8. A Fully Functioning Transit System. This is great for anyone on a budget or even the adventure who chooses to get around like the locals. You can take a bus to pretty much anywhere on the island. There is also a ferry that takes you from the Dockyard to Front Street in Hamilton. It’s an easy system to follow and the buses run quite frequently. We rode the bus with the local school kids and it was a fun experience.

9. If public transportation isn’t your thing, Taxis are Readily Available. It is very easy to catch a taxi around town. We got lost on two occasions and were able to easily hail a cab who took us to our destination safe and sound.

10. It’s Only a 1 hour and 45 minute Flight from New York City. A short, straight flight via JetBlue will get you to this gorgeous island destination in no time. Even though it’s a popular cruise stop, a quick flight will get you there in no time!

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