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 The only thing I need to say is crab cakes.  The crab cakes at Cafe Dauphine are the best crab cakes I ever tasted in my entire life.  The food and atmosphere at this black owned establishment is superb.  The experience is priceless.  The warm welcome by staff is unmatched.

We had the honor of sitting with one of the restaurant’s owners.  He shared with us the restaurant’s history.  I am so inspired by the fact that the restaurant’s owners are young, black, and grew up in the same community that host this restaurant.  Not only are they building their community with this successful business, they are positive examples to neighborhood children proving that you can accomplish anything no matter your circumstances.  Considering the restaurant resurrected out of devastation due to Hurricane Katrina, Cafe Dauphine is clearly a Godsend.

Visiting Cafe Dauphine in New Orleans? Try their Levee Breach cocktail. I highly recommend the crab cakes. I also tasted their shrimp po’boy and steak with mashed potatoes, and it is all good!

Cafe Dauphine
5229 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, LA 70117


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