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Rated New Jersey's #1 Mexican Restaurant, La Fortaleza truly deserves every accolade awarded to them. I can't emphasize more how amazing this place is.

This place is a whole entire vibe. Rated New Jersey’s #1 Mexican Restaurant, La Fortaleza truly deserves every accolade awarded to them. I can’t emphasize more how amazing this place is. Loud music, bright and colorful decor, great service, excellent food, and strong drinks. This is a great place for birthday celebrations because La Fortaleza rolls out the red carpet for its patrons who are celebrating their special day.

There was a long wait to get into this large restaurant that was packed to capacity. The crowd alone will tell you that it’s the go to place in Carlstadt, NJ. I found this restaurant while driving to Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant’s exterior was enough to catch my eyes. I knew I had to visit this place and when I finally did, I was not disappointed at all.

While waiting to be seated, I had a mango margarita. It reminded me of the mango margarita I had at the Nest Beach Bar and Restaurant located on Valley Church Beach on the island of Antigua. If you can bring back any memory of Antigua, you already won in my book.

For dinner I had a whole deep fried red snapper with an apple mango salad, and white rice with a garlic sauce on the side. The fish was fried to perfection. It was crunchy on the outside while the meat was white, flaky and full of flavor. I loved, loved, loved my dinner. Omar had a grilled chicken quesadilla that he really enjoyed.

The restaurant prices are reasonable. The food is worth every penny. I hope to go back soon. This place is definitely at the top of my list for Latin cuisine within the tri-state area. Also note they have multiple locations throughout Jersey! You can google the restaurant to find the location closest to you.

La Fortaleza
335 Paterson Plank Road
Carlstadt, New Jersey 14303

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