Oceans Moonlit Pathways


A new love or career interest is staring at you waiting for you to turn around and stare back.

Hello my lovely earth signs. I shuffled the deck and pulled 3 tarot cards for this collective earth sign reading. What message does spirit need Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo to hear? Keep in mind, this message may or may not resonate with you:

Spirit is showing me a new job opportunity and financial blessing is on the horizon for you. I see some of you may be pregnant or there will be a new addition to the family. Maybe some of you are planning on buying a dog or a family pet. Spirit is advising you to step outside and reconnect with family and friends. Even if it’s through social media. Spirit is asking you to reconnect with others for both emotional support and networking purposes. You’ve been dealing with dark times. Some of you may be in a depressive state and you’ve shut a lot of people out. I’m even seeing that your financial situation was stagnant forcing you to retreat within. You choose not to socialize until you get your finances in order.

Spirit is showing me that many of you are missing out on financial and romantic interests because you are boxed in. It’s time to break free. Spirit wants you to turn around. I’m hearing the song Total Eclipse of the Heart. I’m seeing that some of you have put up boundaries because of past heartbreak. Now is the time to turn around. A new love or career interest is staring at you waiting for you to turn around and stare back.

The last thing spirit is telling me in this reading is to be mindful of your temper. My sweet earth signs, don’t let anyone aggrevate your spirit causing you to lose your cool.

Happy Healing xoxo

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