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I never had a problem finding a man, but in The City, I’ve found great issues finding commitment. Even if a man commits to a woman before a priest or a judge (marriage), that man will always wander the streets of New York City soliciting sex from a strange woman. The woman doesn’t have to be a prostitute, but she more than likely will be a woman who willingly introduces her lower region to his lower region. I do believe that there are faithful men in New York City, but they are difficult to find like a cap to stop the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

If you’re looking for good sex in New York City, that too may be difficult to find. Most men act like jack hammers in the bedroom, pounding away your organs like a scene from the 1992 horror film Dr. Giggles. Do city men know how to make love to a woman? Before that question is answered, I need to ask, does a man need to be in love with a woman to make love to her? If a man needs to love a woman to make love to her, then it’s sad to say most NYC Ladies have never been made love to.

Sex in NYC can be fun and exciting. Meeting new men with different personalities is interesting. Sometimes I wonder if I should date for the rest of my life. Ultimately, I do believe that I would like to settle down. I have begun to convince myself along with the men I’ve been dealing with that I want to get married. I figured if I started to talk about it, it may one day occur. It, however, seems so much easier to remove the need for commitment and just enjoy the pleasures of sex. I will never compromise commitment. He could lie to me until the sun comes up about where he’s been when the sun went down, but if I ever find that there is another woman in our picture, that is serious grounds for separation. I’m brought full circle, I truly believe that in New York City you won’t have trouble finding a man, but you will always have trouble finding commitment. What’s a city girl to do?

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