Love and Relationships


Written by:  Amy Hagan

Throughout the length of a human’s life, a series of births and deaths occur. These births and deaths are what create and define our relationships with one another other, regardless of the category of relation held.  When a new element enters a relationship, (i.e., an argument, a sentiment, a baby, a new friend, unemployment, etc.) that relationship experiences a death.  If the element is a positive one, the relationship will begin to enter a deeper level and will have the opportunity or potential to reach higher ones.  If the element is a negative one, the relationship will become polluted or may even cease to exist as a result.  Either way, a new relationship will be born–and it will not be the same relationship as the one you enjoyed prior to the appearance of the new element.

Ignoring the element and/or neglecting to identify whether the element is positive or negative, results in the stagnation of growth of the individual(s) in the relationship and will eventually lead to its decay. Not all elements known as positive are actually good for the relationship or either individual in that relationship, and not all elements consensually known as negative are actually bad for the relationship or the individuals, as well. Be mindful that society likes to put everything in neat little boxes with sharply cut and clear labels on them. However, this is not reality. For instance, the addition of a child may not be beneficial to one relationship, while an argument may be exactly what the doctor ordered in another.

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