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Brunch has become the most enjoyable meal of my day.  Mimosas are probably my favorite new cocktail.  Never being that much of a fan of orange juice, mimosa opened my heart up to the Vitamin C filled fruit juice. 

Being born in the Virgin Islands, I was raised in a home with strong Caribbean influences.  We ate West Indian foods on a regular basis.  Mangoes had become my favorite fruit.  Although I live in New York, the spirit of the tropics remain within.  I always like to merge my culture with the individual I’ve grown into in New York City.  What better way to incorporate my Caribbean culture with my New York City personality.  Brunch time never taste so good with this fabulous cocktail.  

16 ounces Champagne or Prosecco
4 ounces Mango Nectar

Pour mango nectar into 4 chilled champagne glass.  Add the champagne to nectar.

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