Love and Relationships


  1. Re-create your favorite love scene in a movie.
  2. Love with all of your heart.
  3. Go on a romantic getaway.
  4. Host a romantic dinner for your mate.  Cook their favorite food.  For dessert, blind-fold them and feed them with a tease.
  5. Go dancing together and own the dance floor.
  6. Give them a check in the amount of 500 kisses, hugs, and massages.
  7. Do a sexy strip-tease.
  8. Write a poem or love letter expressing your true emotions.
  9. Have passionate phone sex.
  10. Whisper romantic words in each other’s ears.
  11. Reserve an entire day for making love. 
  12. Fall in love with each other all over again.
  13. Have a rooftop picnic.
  14. Cuddle after sex.
  15. Be your mate’s personal servant for the day.
  16. Share long passionate kisses.
  17. Go for a walk along the beach.
  18. Surprise your mate at work by having a gift delivered.
  19. Be honest.
  20. Just hold each other.
  21. Be faithful.
  22. Surprise your mate with a lunch date.
  23. Help out more around the house.
  24. Hide a special gift for your mate in a place they often look or can easily find.
  25. Grab your mate from behind, hold them in your arms and remind them how much you love them.

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