Not much is better than a delicious lunch of grilled fish with peas and rice at a beachside restaurant on Grand Turk Island. The food at Bohio Dive Resort’s Guanahani Restaurant & Bar is delicious.  The restaurant is a wonderful gem on Pillory Beach that needs to be discovered by everyone visiting the island for the first time.  Relax while staring off at a horizon of the perfect shade of azure colored waters.

While waiting for my lunch to be served, I sipped on a rum punch that was colorful and sweet! The cocktail was refreshing.  It was exactly what I needed.  When my food arrived, I was highly pleased by the taste!  The fish was well seasoned.  The rice reminded me of my Cruzan Godmother’s rice she would make when she visited us from St. Croix.  While the restaurant was on the moderate side of high-end, the dish definitely had that true taste of home.  That is something I often crave when visiting the Caribbean.  This dish maintained its authenticity and it taste exactly like I hoped it would.  It honestly exceeded my expectations.  While I am not native to Turks and Caicos, there is a part of my soul that always feels at home no matter what Caribbean Island I am on.

There were moments on this trip where I had no phone service or Wi-Fi access, but felt a somewhat invigorating sense of peace from the inability to be so deeply connected to social media.  I found myself socializing the old fashion way with a verbal conversation that did not involve tweets or the need for a like button.  The magic from the smile of the people I was conversing with was enough to keep my attention, enough to keep me logged-in.

Everyone we encountered the moment we stepped foot on the island made me realize how beautiful people can be.  I was happy to enjoy positive island vibes over the perfect meal.  I hope I get the opportunity to visit again very soon.

Guanahani Restaurant & Bar

Bohio Dive Resort

Cockburn Town TKCA 1ZZ

Turks and Caicos Islands


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