Miss Metropolitan Junkie Miss MJ xoxo


We met over scallion pancakes, calamari and an array of foods at a Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side. I sat with the ladies of Madisen Chylise PR as they discussed their upcoming launch party. They all have interesting personalities and they are all very beautiful women both inside and out. I proposed a show for Miss Metropolitan Junkie TV where I would document a day with the girls of Madisen Chylise Public Relations. They were open towards the proposal. Soon we will discuss scheduling taping. Lanier Logan, the founder of Madisen Chylise, was sipping a bowl of wonton soup broth as she patiently waited for her shumai. She’s counting the days to the company’s highly anticipated launch party. She is also counting points so that she can look extra fabulous in her custom designed dress that will be made by an amazing NYC fashion designer. We’re all excited about the launch. Lanier has invited Miss Metropolitan Junkie as a host for the event. We’re also very much thrilled about our favorite chef, Chef Al Papers, signing on as the caterer for the evening.

I drizzled sweet chili sauce over my calamari while enjoying the company of the ladies. It’s always good to see like-minded women working towards something grand. It offered me a gem of inspiration as I too strive to be a successful business woman. The discussion was set on business, and these women are about their business. It was such a pleasure getting to know each of them. It was refreshing to see a group of women with different personalities merge their minds into one. Each respects the other’s ideas and welcomed constructive criticism. None are cynics and they all have their own designer bags of tricks. Positive vibrations moved easily amongst the group, and a lot was accomplished during that meeting. I truly appreciate their ability to equally share the same desire. If they continue on this path, nothing can stop them!

New York City has given birth to a new group of glam girls. The ladies of Madisen Chylise PR are taking over this City with no holds barred. I expect to see glitter and glamour covering our concrete streets. But don’t let the sparkles blind you, these women handle their business by going hard and getting the job done.  xoxo


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