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So the two of you have been dating for some time and the relationship isn’t working out. You decide to go your separate ways. You have reached a point where you never want to see this woman again, but the two of you share a child, and you realize that if you deal with your child, you’re going to have to deal with drama also known as your baby mama. You want a relationship with your child, but it requires civility between both parties, and your child’s mother is far from civil. The relationship between you and your child’s mother is too much to bear. You walk away and do the best you can for your child.

10 Things Your Child’s Mother Needs You to know:
1. Child support isn’t what I need, it’s for our child. If you’re trying to spite me by not paying your support, you are really just hurting our child.

2. It takes more than gifts to raise a child. Don’t feel like you are doing your job as a father by only providing your child with material things. Children also require love, attention, and quality time.

3. I have a right to meet your new girlfriend. Maybe you feel like it’s none of my business who you’re dating, but it is my business whom our child is around.

4. I hate that you put your other children before mine. Even if we don’t get along, my child should get equal amounts of attention from you. It’s great that you are involved in your other children’s life, but it’s important that you treat our child equally as loved as the others.

5. I am still hurt over the past, and sometimes I do use our child to my advantage, but if you could own up to the things you put me through, we can move forward with a better relationship for our child.

6. It isn’t fare that you get to have a life while I struggle alone with our child. It would be nice if you stepped up more and helped me out with our child. Raising a child shouldn’t only be the mother’s responsibility.

7. When you get visitation, you should be taking care of our child, not your mom or any of your family members. It’s great that our child has two families that love him/her, but it isn’t fare for our child when they don’t get quality time with you because you rather hang out with your friends. I sacrifice a lot and so should you.

8. I do think I’m a better parent especially when you act like you don’t even care about our child. I wish you were more loving. I want to see that our child is your number one priority.

9. I wish you would respect me more in front of our child. Even if you hate my guts, we do have a child together and you shouldn’t disrespect me in front of our child.

10. We should be on the same page in raising our child. If I say no candy, bed time is at 8, no cursing in front of our child, you should respect that. Don’t go behind my back and let our child do everything I asked you not to let them do. We need to meet on common ground when raising our child.

Sometimes it’s easier to walk away from a situation than deal with it face-on. The problem is, the children suffer because of their parent’s inability to meet in the middle. If both parties are willing, they should seek professional family counseling. It is important that the two of you learn how to co-exist for the benefit of your child. A child deserves both parents that put forth equal amounts of effort in raising them. A child also deserves to see their parents get a long and not be at each other’s throats. Remember that the behavior you present is often emulated by your children. Both parents need to present their best behavior for the sake of their children.


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