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I decided to get a cupcake from the Crumbs on Lexington Avenue near Grand Central Station. Vanilla on Vanilla is my usual choice when I visit Crumbs. I enjoy simplicity. All their extravagant flavors, it’s so easy to get lost in the decision making process. As if I’m not indecisive enough, they hit me with more options than I need. What’s worse than having difficulty deciding which flavor to choose to then finally choose a flavor and it not be the best choice. How sad. I’ve decided to simplify my life by narrowing down my options and removing the things that are unnecessarily complex. I know things can get boring when you do it that way, but sometimes it is, indeed, essential to take things easily by quietly and confidently making unproblematic choices. A 5 cheese baked macaroni sounds wonderful, but I would be just as content having baked macaroni with 1 cheese. It’s nice to have roasted squab with summer truffle, pickled ramps, hazelnuts and violet mustard, but whatever happened to meat loaf and mash potatoes?

We over do things in life. We want to stand out from the rest, but it seems that now everyone is stepping out the box, the box is slowly disappearing and life is becoming vague. Nothing makes sense anymore. Things are so far fetched that individuality is becoming lost in the quest to be different. I’m not going to deny the fact that having a lot of options can be exciting, but having too many options takes away from the excitement. It creates internal conflicts, which lead to physical deteriation. Once again recognizing that what hurts the mind, hurts the body. One of the reasons why we hurt is because opulence has become too poor of a choice. Things are becoming distorted in our need for more.

As I delight in the simple yet definitive flavor of my vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, I walked away pleased and assured that the right decision was made. The best decision is sometimes easier than we allow it to be.

Grand Central
420 Lexington Avenue (43/44th)
New York, NY 10170
T 212-297-0500

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  1. Simplicity is beautiful! That cupcake is beautiful. It would not be beautiful very long if it were in my hand, it would be delicous…and history at the same time!

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