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Annisa Sahadath is the founder of the amazing company Madame Got Rocks.  A collection of beautiful jewelry fit for a princess.  She started her jewelry company and worked her way into being a celebrity stylist.  On top of a regular job where she works 60 hours a week, Annisa pours her heart into her company Madame Got Rocks.  The true inspiration is that little effort went into marketing.  Her company almost exploding onto the scene and people gravitated towards her marvelous collection of jewelry.  She emphasizes that she is not a jewelry designer.  She is a retailer, but puts great thought in choosing each piece and much effort goes into building her display.  With her strong work ethic and generous amounts of passion, Annisa has the social blogosphere buzzing over MADAME GOT ROCKS.

For more information regarding Madame Got Rocks, contact: 631-579-4552 or email

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