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Dinner and a movie with friends is the perfect end to an eventful weekend.  We saw the latest X-Men movie and had dinner at Sazon – a Puerto Rican restaurant in Tribeca.  Being raised in the Bronx, I grew up among a lot of Puerto Ricans.  Celia was my favorite neighbor.  She lived on the 6th floor of the building I lived in with my parents.  Celia made the best Puerto Rican food I ever tasted – Arroz con gandules and pernil that would make you want to slap your madre…lol!  Not a lot of restaurants can rival good home cooking.

I can’t compare Sazon’s food to the delicious Puerto Rican food I grew up eating at Celia’s house because it definitely isn’t the same.  A lot of cultural restaurant menu’s lose their authenticity to cater to all patrons.  They complicate the menu to attract a specific crowd.   Sazon’s food is good food.   But  the extra twist that’s added for the Tribeca market can be a disappointment to those that are looking for true Puerto Rican food.

Sazon is a fun restaurant.  I loved my experience there.  It is a restaurant I would frequent.  The food is mouth-watering.  The crowd varies in age and ethnicities.  There is a cute lounge on the lower level with walls decorated in quotes by Soho artist, James De La Vega.  Sazon is the sister restaurant of the popular Sofrito.  I recommend Sazon to anyone who is looking to enjoy enticing Puerto Rican food while listening to great music.

105 Reade Street
Tribeca, New York 10013

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