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Missed-manicure-appointments suck when your boss requires you to stay past your regular schedule.   I’m over it!  I’m so  looking forward to meeting-up with friends for drinks.  I made a quick stop at the dollar store and found myself overlooking a rack of nail lacquer. B.S.N. (Beauty Sense of  N.Y.)  is cheaply priced, but totally glam.  I polished my nails and made moves back downtown for a few sips. 

Cocktails and beautiful nails go together.  There’s nothing worst than holding a sexy cocktail with undone nails.  For the quickest social-fix, a cheap bottle of nail lacquer will definitely do the trick.   Your nails can go from drab to fab with a quick-drying nail lacquer like B.S.N.  5-B Purps Pop is the perfect color to start this cool season.


  1. Where can I purchase BSN Plus nail polish. I love it, have a bottle, don’t remember where I bought it…….Help, I am desperate

    1. i purchase mines from Dollar store called Dollar Zone in Saddle Brook NJ i do not know if you have one were you live. I love the Natural Nude Color #47

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