Fashion and Beauty Miss Metropolitan Junkie Urban Aristocrats


I couldn’t help but notice their perfectly manicured nails with the most exquisite shades of pink. Pink is a color that draws attention to your nails. The hotter the pink, the better! It’s conscious to follow the idea of wearing shades pertinent to the season, but it is totally o.k. to flaunt a raging color during the winter and softer shades during the summer. Your nails are forgiving and if you’re not confident in your nail color choice, it’s super easy to change the color to one that better suits you.

If you love black clothes like I do, pink nail polish is the perfect starting point to exploring colors. Once you experiment with a variety of nail colors, venture into make-up and accessories – including headbands and handbags. Subtly add color to your day with these easy tricks and you will look as yummy as ever.

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