Love and Relationships Miss MJ xoxo Urban Aristocrats


I don’t have best friends, I have sisters. We may not share the same parents, but we share the same purpose. I love my sisters. Every night before I go to bed, I include them in my prayers. I ask God to protect my sisters during troubling times. Keep them confident when haters try to bring them down. Lift their spirits when they’re feeling low. Help them find success because they are way too talented not to succeed. Keep my sisters driven even when the road blocks appear. Keep them fabulous so I can raid their closets. Keep them flexible because I need time to chat with my sisters over cocktails. Keep their relationships thriving because they are amazing women and they deserve amazing men. Keep them at the top of their game. They are entrepreneurs and assets to their companies, and they should stay that way. Keep them grounded because I love my sisters so much, I’m willing to slap all of them back into reality. Keep my sisters happy because seeing them happy makes me happy. I love my sisters.

If you love your sisters, share this prayer with them. xoxo


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