Fashion and Beauty


Mary J. Blige has come a long way with style. She has found direction, and is showing the world that she is fabulous. Her music speaks for itself, and now her style has arrived. In her recent music video featuring Drake, Mary sports a variety of styles that I love from puffy hair to thigh-high boots; a leather jacket and a pompadour hairstyle popularized by the likes of Elvis Presley  and James Dean. She defines glam and evokes passion through her music and style. Mary continues to transcend – leaving her mark in the worlds of music and fashion alike.

The hairstyle in the above photo from her video is perfect for the winter.  The curls and thickness of the hair will keep the scalp warm during this brisk season.  The curls will maintain through the windiest days.  The only drawback is that there may not be a hat big enough to cover so much hair, but when it comes to beauty, sacrifices must  be made.  Needless to say, all of that hair can act as a hat. 

Do you like this hairstyle?  Would you rock this style?


  1. Mary is one of those women who are like chameleons! She can rock a variety of different styles! She’s always a pleasure to watch!

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