Love and Relationships My Life After 30


People feed off weakness. If you enjoy being taken advantage of, be weak and tolerate his crap. On the recent episode of VH1’S Love & Hip Hop, Chrissy got the marriage proposal she had waited for from rapper, Jim Jones. She took a trip to Miami with the girls, but before departing, she let her boyfriend know she needed a break from their relationship. This act prompted Jones to take an impromptu trip to Miami and surprise his long-time girlfriend with an engagement ring.

A strong woman is assertive and will fight for what she wants and believes in no matter how much it hurts. A strong woman can be patient, but will not tolerate disrespect or disregard in the process. A man will fight for a strong woman, because a strong woman will fight for herself; her integrity, and her honor. Being hopeful that things will change in a poor relationship is not a sign of weakness; however, continued hopefulness with no sight of change can make any woman weak. Before you allow a man to weaken your spirit, find the strength to let go. Find hope in finding strength. The longer you stay, the less his love and respect for you becomes. Don’t believe for one second that you are proving your strength by holding on. You can easily throw in his face how many times you stood by his side, but he will not acknowledge or appreciate your steadfast support until the day you walk away from the relationship. We want the things we don’t have. We work for the things we need. We miss the things we’ve lost. We embrace the things that reject us.

A strong woman loves herself enough to lose a weak man. The weak prey on the weak. A strong man preys on a strong woman. Once he captures her, he will nurturer her and provide for her. Get the man, by getting the strength to become the strong woman your children need and a strong man deserves.


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