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A cookie from Magnolia Bakery in Grand Central Station was on my mind, but I couldn’t pass the smell of fresh doughnuts. I invited my co-worker, Ethel, with me for a sweet bite. We stopped and took in the aroma at Flex Donuts. We reviewed their menu when a cheery staff member approached us. I stared in his face as I was brought to a level of familiarity. I know this guy from somewhere, I thought to myself. “Are you a reality star?” I asked.
He vigorously smiled and responded “Yes! I was on Top Chef, Just Dessert.”
I knew I remember him from somewhere!
“You’re the glitter guy!” I said.
He laughed as we both used the term glitter in sync. Too cool, I thought. Here I am chopping it up with Top Chef, Just Dessert’s Contestant, Zac Young. Young’s doughnut pop-up shares a space with Zócalo restaurant’s take-out section (I love Zócalo’s Guacamole and homemade tortilla chips!).

Young is well engaged with the customers and will breakdown everything on his delightful doughnut menu. You can get freshly injected doughnuts made with fine ingredients. This is definitely not Dunkin’ Donuts. The taste of doughnuts straight out the fryer; made with quality ingredients is unmatchable. I had a strawberry filling doughnut. You are able to combine fillings. There is a cheesecake filling that can be combined with the strawberry filling – creating your very own strawberry cheesecake filled doughnut. Along with the strawberry filled doughnut, I had their maple bourbon glaze doughnut topped with crispy bacon tidbits, which is their signature flavor. The taste of the maple bourbon glaze doughnut topped with bacon tidbits will take your breath away.

I strongly suggest everyone stop by Grand Central Station’s Dining Concourse Level for a taste of harmonious bliss at Flex Donuts. This is definitely a New York City dessert hotspot!

Flex Donuts
Grand Central Station
Dining Concourse Level
New York, New York 10017

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