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You never know the true emotions that lie behind someone’s smile. A verbal congratulation could be a disguise for negativity, jealousy, and anguish. Be mindful of those in your inner circle. The closer they are, the harder they hurt. Your best friend can actually be your best frenemy. Masked with concern, their true intent is to celebrate your downfall. We, oddly, find security in these unhealthy relationships with insecure people who constantly compare their short comings to our success. What we don’t realize is the person we are most excited to share our deepest thoughts and emotion with is sometimes the worst person to share those same thoughts and emotions with. Evilness exists in some of the people we believe are friends. Their malicious desires to see us struggle and hurt is hidden behind fun, laughter, and cheer. I’ve been fooled many times in my life and wounded by some of my best frenemies.

Your best frenemy may be the person you drink with, eat with, and share your most intimate secrets with. They will talk negatively about you behind your back, steal from you, wish bad on you, use you, abuse you, compete with you, and may even go so far as to sleep with your lover. They will do anything to feel above you. In so many ways, they want to be you. Admiration turned obsessive, your best frenemy is your worst nightmare. This person holds your life story in their hands. That is why it is important to remain mum in certain instances. Share yourself, but not all of you. Don’t give anyone too much of yourself because you never know when that person will turn on you.

The lesson I learned is that there is no set-time frame for an individual to show their true self. The people we love in our lives are often the ones that hurt us the most. Love is an emotion that weakens your senses and disables your ability to remain alert and think logically. Learning how to not let love override your senses is imperative to protecting yourself from your frenemies. Take caution when exchanging your emotions and personal information. Be aware of the people you take into your home and heart. Be willing to be your own best friend as you rid yourself of those best frenemies.

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