Yummy Glam Beautique


Yummy Glam Beautique is here!!!! It’s not a boutique, it’s a beautique as I will be selling products that will make you feel and look beautiful.  As a Metropolitan Life Stylist, I know what’s hot and if it’s hot, it can be purchased in my beautique at a reasonable cost.  Products include vintage and costume jewelry, handbags, make-up, clothes, sunglasses, bath & beauty products, home decor and more! What’s Yummy about Yummy Glam?   I will also be selling edible goods perfect for entertaining. 

 My Yummy Glam exclusive fragrances will be available for purchase on January 16, 2012. Pre-order your fragrance today! 3 fragrances for sale: Berry Glamorous * Sinful Sorbet * Chocolate Martini.  Although these fragrances smell good enough to eat, they are not edible! – inbox me for pre-orders/more info.

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