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Poulet Roti a l'Ail - 1/2 crispy roasted free range chicken with GARLIC CONFIT and rosemary roasted potatoes

One of the oldest ways to preserve food, confit is a flavorful way to conserve a variety of foods. Most notably, confit de canard- duck confit – is made by salting and poaching duck legs in its own fat. Similar to fruit preserves, the poached meat is cooled and often transferred to a jar for canning. The meat is immersed in its own fat and sealed. Once sealed, the confit can last for months. The duck’s fat can be used for sautéing vegetables. The fat  adds great flavor to roasted potatoes. Confit is not limited to meats, however. You can also enjoy fruit and vegetable confit.  The above image shows a dish served with a garlic confit.

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