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Last summer I took the Downtown D train to Grand Street for a delicious dinner at a quaint Jamaican restaurant in the Lower East Side section of Manhattan. I sat alone at the bar and sipped on a delicious cocktail before being escorted to my table for dinner. My dinner was great, the experience was amazing, and I looked forward to dining at Spur Tree again.

A year passed and I got the opportunity to visit this Caribbean style hot spot with a close friend. I sipped on a ginger melon mojito, and ordered a list of foods on the menu from a delightful sample plate with a selection of Jamaican style meat patties, shrimp tempura, Chinese style dumplings, and jerk chicken wings. We enjoyed ackee and cod fish bruschetta, which is cod fish on warm Jamaican coco bread. My friend had a jerk salmon burger and for dessert, we shared the most desirable slice of warm bread pudding with rum mango caramel and vanilla ice cream.

After dinner we went across the street and did some shopping at a fabulous vodka and vintage bar called The Dressing Room. I always enjoy those cool nights in the City.

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