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Getting tickets to the Knicks v. Heat game last week was a great end to his birthday celebration. I mean a quick getaway to Atlantic City was great, but AC is no NYC. Plus he’s a die hard Knicks fan so it just made sense to celebrate in a way that truly suited him.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m not a true fan of the Knicks or organized basketball. I do, however love street basketball. My summers as a teenager growing up in the Bronx were filled with going to basketball games and connecting with summer crushes. Those were some really good times back in The 90’s, when Biggie and Bad Boy dominated the music scene. Now here I am in 2014 – married, and going to organized basketball games. Not a bad experience, but it’s definitely not the same experience I had in my teenage years.

The Knicks, ultimately, beat the Heat that night. I was happy about that. Of course I cheered for the Knicks – not because Im a Knicks fan, but because Im a New York City fan. Anything that represents New York is a representation of me and all that I represent. This is our town. Even if the Knicks lost the game that night, I believe being a resident of the best City in the world automatically makes me a winner! Yes! in the words of Charlie Sheen, I’m winning!!!!
Goooooo New York!!!!!








  1. I love how your showing that being married don’t stop your life. You can still live your life and have fun with your husband. Yes, you won!

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