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We took a walk to the end of the pier and looked out over the ocean.

Coney Island

A straight train ride from the Bronx to the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue stop in Brooklyn led us to a day of childlike fun.  It was like one of those shows on the CW Network where two teens meet for a fun date at the local county fair.  Except in our case, we are two adults who are married with children.  While Taylor and Brad share a milkshake in my fantasy comparison, Omar and I are throwing back long island ice tea and vodka and cranberry cocktails.

We played in the beach water and took in the sun.  We ate shrimp, chicken and fries at a place on the boardwalk.  We got on a few rides at Luna Park which was very thrilling. (check out my YouTube Channel to see the funny video of us on rides at Coney Island.  Don’t forget to subscribe!).  We took a walk to the end of the pier and looked out over the ocean.   Then we visited a lounge on the boardwalk and had drinks while listening to popular Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae tunes.  Once I realized I had a few too many drinks, we left the lounge to head home but somehow ended up back on the beach where I playfully fell in the sand and got wet in the water that is strongly advised not to go in when life guards aren’t present.  Being tipsy on the dark beach was probably the highlight of my experience.  Thanking the water God’s that a current didn’t sweep me away, I laughed hysterically in the shallow end of the water as my husband tried to pull me up only for me to bring him down.  We both laughed together like two silly teens in the wet sand.  My day at Coney Island was probably my favorite experience of the summer of 2015.

We left our home at 11:30am and got back home at 1:00am.  It was quite an eventful day that I will cherish forever.



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