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Match your midi-stackable ring set with a cute bracelet and or watch.

I have seriously fallen in love with this trendy style.  Midi rings are meant to be worn midway between the tip of your finger and should sit below the first knuckle.  Stackable rings come in sets and can be worn on a finger stacked above each other.  You can use regular rings that are sold separately and stack them for the same fun look.

Wear your midi ring along with a stackable ring set on the same finger and match the rings with a cute bracelet or watch. Don’t waste time following too many rules on how to wear these trends.  Simply be cool and care free with your style.  Do whatever reflects your mood and/or your personality in that moment.  Below are links to websites where you can purchase these adorable jewels at various price ranges.



Forever 21
Charlotte Russe
Anna Beck

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