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I’m bothered by the video of a couple who let their baby’s stroller roll into oncoming traffic when they began wrestling for the man’s phone after the woman accused him of cheating.  

Any man that can cause you to neglect your child’s safety, especially if it’s his child; any man who has you up crying and stressing all hours of the night, is not worthy of your time and attention.  If his world revolves around his personal pleasures and those pleasures rarely involve you, use the power of prayer and ask God to remove that man from your life.

He says you nag too much, but a nagging woman is a neglected woman.  Most women will not complain when a man is doing what he has to do for his family and showing his woman the respect she deserves.

Beloved, you must know your worth.  You do not deserve a man who repeatedly breaks your heart and continuously disrespects your relationship.  You do not deserve a man who repeatedly breaks down the same woman he expects to raise his children.  You have to focus on your mental and physical health so that you can be the mother  your children deserve.

I know how hard it can be to leave someone you love.  We all want to live out the traditional idea of “family.”  We want a mother and father present in the same home raising the perfect family.  Although no family is perfect, some imperfections should not be overlooked.  You just have to know when to let that man go!  

(The below video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised)

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