The Dalai Lama said our prime purpose in life is to help others.  When I was younger, I was a good dancer, and I was able to teach others how to dance.  I gave dance lessons during my free time.  I spent time with young girls in my Bronx neighborhood and choreographed dance routines for them to perform within the community.  It was a fun experience and I never realized how meaningful it was.  Not only was I giving these girls an outlet in a community that had so little to offer, I was subconsciously instilling some structure in these young girls as they learned the importance of fitness, commitment, teamwork, and practice – skills that would benefit them throughout adulthood.  The experience working with these girls gave me purpose.  It was something I loved doing.  It was something I looked forward to doing.  I was passionate about dancing and I genuinely enjoyed working with my girls.  I shined my light on them. I had a gift and I shared that gift with others.

Shining your light supports growth.  It gives us hope in a dark world. Put your best foot forward, one-step at a time, like a dance move.  It builds rhythm and allows positivity to flow through life.  Something as simple as a smile or a hug can change someone’s life.  We do not realize how many people remember how we made them feel, and that is your light.  Leave an imprint on someone’s thoughts and heart like the imprint of the shoe that was left by the first man who walked on the moon.  You will be part of someone’s history so create a positive legacy. You will be remembered for shining your light because it encouraged someone to listen clearer, laugh louder, love deeper, learn further, forgive faster, aspire greater, build higher, survive longer, or push harder!

Use your light and shine bright!  Do not allow things like self-doubt or people’s opinions to deter you from shining.  Someone needs what you have to offer.  Others can benefit from your abilities whether it is in a marriage, in a career, as a parent, as a friend, as a hobby, as a business. Give more of yourself simply by letting your light shine.

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Author:Miss Metropolitan Junkie

Hi! I'm Miss Metropolitan Junkie. I’m a New York City based travel and lifestyle writer. I’m also an entrepreneur. I own an online boutique called shopmissmj.com. I'm an Island Hopper and a food lover! Join me on my journey xoxo


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