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There are times when you see drama approaching and you just try to avoid it to the best of your ability. I distanced myself from someone because I didn’t want them to get mad at me for not telling them that their boyfriend has another girlfriend. I never met the other woman, but you learn a lot on social media, and the other woman clearly exist.

We all know that what happens in the dark always comes to light. When his shenanigans come to light, I don’t want any parts of the drama that is going to unfold. I’ve been through a lot with female friends, and I’m often disappointed by the dynamics between women. I already know how it goes, a female will forgive a man for his blatant disrespect and flagrant disloyalty, but will end a friendship with a female in a heartbeat if she has the smallest inkling that her “friend” is being disloyal.

We always talk about sisterhoods, but when it comes to our female friends and their relationships with men, all that “Love you, sis!” sh*t goes out the window! In addition; the man will be out there doing his dirt, being disloyal to the woman he chose to commit himself to and will become upset with the friend for calling him out on his misbehavior. Now, they both dislike you. But she will be right back with him and he will be right back cheating, so the best thing to do is stop making their relationship problems yours.  Stay out of grown folks business. They are adults, they can figure it out.

The smartest thing for me to do is remove myself from the entire situation. I don’t want to be around him and I don’t want to be around her. I just want to focus on being a great mom, finding multiple, steady streams of income, and minding my own damn business. I have my own marriage to think about. I don’t have time to be worried about another grown woman and her unfaithful, grown ass man.

I’m not judging anyone’s lifestyle, but if it doesn’t match or exceed mine, I have no real reason to associate myself with it. I don’t want to be around messy people. I’m trying to stay drama free by surrounding myself with positive people who are good to each other.

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