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This is the place to get your sugar fix when your sweet tooth kicks in.  Given the opportunity, I would visit this place again and again.

IMG_3022Omar took me to the Sugar Factory American Brasserie for my birthday at their Las Vegas location back in 2013.  That location has now closed, but they’ve opened 3 new Vegas locations since then.  The restaurant was across from the Bellagio’s beautiful water show.  Seated near the outside, we took in the sights and sounds of the perfect night.  As I write this, my heart beats in a special way because it’s a memory I’ll never forget.


Years later, I discovered that the Sugar Factory opened a Manhattan location in the Meat Packing District.  What really stands out about the Sugar Factory is their jaw dropping candy cocktails.  They look like mystical love potions that will surely have you drunk in love like Beyoncé.   Of course the cocktails weren’t the first thing on my mind when deciding to take my 14 year old out to celebrate.  It’s the restaurant’s  over the top milk shakes that helped me decide that this was the place to go to celebrate Miss Rain graduating from Junior High School.  The choice was between Sugar Factory and Black Tap – I chose Sugar Factory, and it was a good choice.


The entire vibe was fun, fun, fun!  The food was good, the drinks were good, and there were a lot of families with tweens there in celebration mode.  They played really good music that made you want to dance and if you had one of their popular goblet cocktails, you just may do a two or three step because the atmosphere is just that cheerful.  Omar and I shared the Ocean Blue Cocktail.  Rain had a banana Nutella shake.  This is the place to get your sugar fix when your sweet tooth kicks in.  Given the opportunity, I would visit this place again and again.

It’s good for families or a date night with bae.  If you are looking for somewhere fun to celebrate with the kids, Sugar Factory is the perfect place!  Beware, however, it’s not the most economical place to dine in the city.  It is worth the experience and in life, a positive experience with your children and the people you love is priceless.


Sugar Factory American Brasserie
835 Washington Street
New York, NY 10014

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