Kaya Herb House is Jamaica's first legal cannabis dispensary.

TOP 10 VACATION DESTINATIONS FOR CANNABIS LOVERS shares the Top 10 Vacation Destinations for Cannabis Lovers, and of course, Jamaica is on the list.  When you think of Jamaica’s Rastafarian culture, ganja is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but Jamaica still hasn’t formally legalized the sale of recreational marijuana.  Kaya Herb House is Jamaica’s first legal cannabis dispensary.  It’s a café, spa, dispensary, smoking room and cultivation facility located in the Ocho Rios section of Jamaica.

Other top 10 vacation destinations for cannabis lovers include Spain, the Netherlands, Cambodia, and the West Coast, USA with Nevada on the list for its legalization of recreational marijuana.  To see their complete list, click here.

Because laws change regularly, it’s important to do your research before traveling to any of the destinations on their list.

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