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There are plenty of places to shop, drink, and eat on the beach. 


Our driver parked on a busy road with no stop signs.  We had to wait for breaks in traffic in order to cross the street.  That made me feel uneasy.  There was no right of way rules in the Dominican Republic.  Few locals seem to even follow the rules of the road.  Every move is at your own risk.  People in cars and people packed on small motor bikes were more intent on getting to their destination than worrying about some foreigner trying to relax on the beach.  When we finally caught a break in traffic, we jetted across the street and walked down a long set of stairs to get to beach level.  When I got to the bottom of the stairs and walked down a passage way  lined with small shops, I saw the beach from a short distance and I immediately fell in love.



On the beach you’ll find locals gathered together playing dominoes.  You will also find tourists exploring the various shops along the pathway.  There are plenty of places to shop, drink, and eat on the beach.  I didn’t feel unsafe.  I didn’t notice any illicit activities. We enjoyed a seafood feast for 3 for under $100.00 at Joselito’s Beach Bar. I sipped a pina colada straight from a fresh pineapple. We enjoyed complimentary shots of mamajuana!

There’s something special about the sand on Sosua Beach.  The color and texture of the sand are things I never experienced on any beach I’ve visited in the Caribbean. This was a unique beach.  It stood out to me because of the sand.  Overall the beach’s beauty is unquestionable.  It’s worth paying a visit to.  Despite all of the negative press the country’s been getting recently, Dominican Republic is truly a gem in the Caribbean.



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