I love learning some of the history of a country while being introduced to the culture of a society that takes great pride in their culture and nationality.

I’ve never been materialistic so buying the most expensive version of the latest fashion trend isn’t a priority. I feel fulfilled when I book a trip to the Caribbean and land safely at my destination. A driver then picks me up from the airport and takes me to a beautiful beachfront property thousands of miles away from my reality.

We all should invest in whatever makes us happy and allows us to regularly become better versions of ourselves. A shirt doesn’t do that for me. Neither does the latest pair of stilettos or iPhone. A sip of a pina colada on a sandy beach with powder white sand and  blue waters awaken me in ways that are sometimes difficult to express with words.

I find wealth in the priceless experiences of meeting locals and seeing their everyday struggle while being kind and thoughtful citizens. It reminds me of how privileged I am coming from an underprivileged community in the Bronx where we sometimes wallow in our pain and suffering instead of acknowledging the power in our existence.


When I travel to the Caribbean and I see people who look like me and share disadvantages similar to what I face back home, it moves my soul when I see how optimistic the people are while dealing with those disadvantages. I’m inspired by their tenacious yet laid back spirit.

I realize that I have so much to learn from people who have so little. These people have little, by outsiders’ standards, but when you really look at the way they carry themselves, they have everything they need. In America, there is always a want for the next new thing. It’s an endless cycle of falling into debt while being overworked, underpaid, and chasing wants that we don’t need.

I love learning some of the history of a country while being introduced to the culture of a society that takes great pride in their culture and nationality.

Investing in experiences is rewarding for both your mental and physical health. Investing in experiences is something you will never outgrow like the expensive little black dress you bought before gaining weight after your second child. It’s investing in memories that you can hold on to forever even after your favorite sweater shrinks in the washing machine or your favorite jeans begin to tear.

Investing in experiences with your children builds bonds and lasting memories they will carry even after you leave this earth. It also gives them first hand educational lessons in geography, cultures outside of theirs, and even finance by learning the value of a dollar outside of the US!

I made investing in experiences a priority so when you see my kid, she may not have the latest iPhone or the latest pair of sneakers, but she has a passport with stamps and experiences that help build character that could potentially shape the way she navigates through life while interacting with others in this world.

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