Oceans Moonlit Pathways


Confirmation from a higher being to reassure us that we are doing exactly what needs to be done during our ongoing journey towards self improvement.

Most of us are self aware and know exactly what we should work on within ourselves. Sometimes, however, we know all the answers, but still need a little confirmation from a higher being to reassure us that we are doing exactly what needs to be done during our ongoing journey towards self improvement. Below are short confirmations of what spirit requires of you at this time.

CAPRICORN – Confirmation to focus on self care and recovery at this time.

AQUARIUS – Confirmation to change your negative mindset. Think positive and lead with confidence.

PISCES – Confirmation you need to learn to let go of control and trust others will support you when you need them to.

ARIES – Confirmation of the closing of an old chapter as you move forward to a new beginning.

TAURUS – Confirmation to go back to school or take an online course to further advance your knowledge and skills.

GEMINI – Confirmation you’ve reached a beautiful milestone. Time to celebrate your wins.

CANCER – Confirmation that it is time to release people and things that no longer serve you.

LEO – Confirmation to be mindful of the company you keep. There are people in your circle who don’t want to see you do good.

VIRGO – Confirmation to push. Congratulations on the birth of a new child or the birth of a new experience. This is the final push before new life has come to fruition.

LIBRA – Confirmation that it is going to take much will power to push ahead. As long as you believe, you will achieve.

SCORPIO – Confirmation to seek balance in all aspect of your life. You’re performing a juggling act and if you do not seek balance, everything can fall a part.

SAGITTARIUS – Confirmation you light up a room with your beautiful, fiery energy. Your presence is required in powerful meeting rooms.


COLLECTIVE (ALL ZODIAC SIGNS) – Confirmation to choose yourself! Some of you may be feeling stuck in an unfulfilling situation. There is fear of the unknown which is causing you to stay motionless in one place. You ask yourself, “What if I dislike where I end up even more than I dislike where I am now?” Spirit wants you to take a deep breath and trust the journey. Do not allow fear to stop you from taking your next big step. You have to choose you! Happy Healing xoxo

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