Oceans Moonlit Pathways


There are moments even in innocent, fun readings when dark truths are revealed.

(Because of the sensitive nature of the matter, I prefer not to disclose her name).

I was up earlier than normal this morning watching the news when I saw a body was pulled out of the water. The news reported that body has yet to be identified.

I asked my guides if the body is the person in question? First, they told me to use my intuition. I heard them ask me in a somewhat sarcastic manner that made me chuckle, “what do you think?” I then asked if the person in question is deceased? Sadly, I received the message that they are in fact deceased and have already transitioned to the “after life.” Alcohol may have played a role in her demise. I saw she had much anxiety from the shock of her own death. I got chills!!!!! Now I’m trying to adjust my energy because this is so heartbreaking to see.

This is the thing about reading tarot that makes me really sad. I remember pulling cards on Gabby Petito and saw that she had passed on (prior to them announcing it in the media). I don’t like seeing that. There are moments even in innocent, fun readings when dark truths are revealed. I’ve seen things in readings I DID NOT WANT TO SEE.

Death is a reality in life. It’s the completion of our life journey on earth. Accepting it, however, is extremely hard. Accepting death is extremely painful. Those who lose someone they truly love, in many ways die along with them. Death is a transitioning for all those who are bonded. A body dies while another’s spirit dies. You lose pieces of your spirit every time you lose someone you love.

This was too heavy for me this morning, but I felt compelled to share it. Sending love and light to her family as well as anyone who loves her. R.I.P. Sweet Angel. Happy Healing xoxo

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