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You can't let wicked people uproot your peace of mind. Leave them where they are. Let God handle them.

I live for a good meme! I saw one recently that read “They hate to see you unbothered by what they thought would bother you.” Earlier this year a woman poked her evil soul and dry scalp into my DMs to basically try to hurt me with her words. She really thought her words would break me, but I laugh in the face of drama. I don’t participate in any of that mess. You better learn how to shadowbox because you’ll be fighting your damn self when it comes to any imaginary beef you have with me. I’m like Mariah Carey, “I don’t know her!!!” I refuse to engage. I’m a mother. I’m an entrepreneur. I have too much to lose. As much as you would want to punch someone in their throat for disrespecting you, it’s just not worth it especially when you realize how miserable and pathetic people are. Misery loves company, but you are on your own with this one, bitch.

As she tried to hurt me with her words, I was more offended by her spelling and grammar. While I’m no spelling bee champion, I can easily boast that I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street.

This site has become more spiritual as I walk my spiritual journey towards doing lightwork. With that being said, I understand that I have to be careful who or what I entertain. You can’t let wicked people uproot your peace of mind. Leave them where they are. Let God handle them. When you are a good person, when your hands are clean, and your heart is pure, evil will test you, but God will bless you. Trust that whatever malicious intent they have to harm you will be returned to them 100x!!!

God don’t play about his babies. I’m blessed and highly favored! What you will not do is disturb my peace because you can’t find yours. I’ve been through too much in my life to cry over someone so little. I’m part of the big leagues. I’m in the ocean with sharks. I haven’t played in the kiddie pool in ages. When you become an adult, you act as such. Happy Healing xoxo

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