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I asked my guides a specific name and they revealed the sinister nature of this person.

Was voodoo really done on Nicki Minaj? I pulled cards and can see support, betrayal, and curses. Isn’t it funny how the first card is a woman riding the back of a unicorn. I do like Nicki’s music, but I’m not a barb. I do not idolize humans as though they are Gods. Nonetheless, isn’t there a connection between unicorns and Nicki?

I can see that Nicki has supported a lot of female rappers only for them to turn around and let business politics and just plain bad mindedness cause them to betray Nicki. I can see the professional connection, the disconnection, and yes, voodoo in these cards.

I pulled more cards and got further details for an extended reading. Just beware, people! There are some dangerous spirits walking on this earth attached to humans, as you can see with the increase in violence around the cities. Praying for this earth, praying for peace and healing. Praying for protection – physically and spiritually. Praying for the people. God we need you because the world is lost. Help us.

Well now we know the truth. The devil is a liar and so is the person who did the curse. I’m not going to say who the person that did the curse is, but I asked my guides a specific name and they revealed the sinister nature of this person.

“You fi watch your friends weh you smoke with and run joke with A dem think fi cut your throat quick The only friend weh me love, a the one up above Keep him closer to me than a rope twist.” -Jay Vinci

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